A now historic restaurant, existing for over seventy years and perhaps even before 1945, the end of the Second World War, where it has been proven that after the bombing by the Germans around Ponte Vecchio one of the few buildings built around 1400 that remained unscathed is precisely the one where Bordino’s is located in via stracciatella, a tiny street under the old walls of the San Giorgio coast.
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We are waiting for you at ‘Da Bordino’, a small, atmospheric trattoria restaurant lit by faint candles with exposed stone walls, which over the years has become one of the most popular restaurants for lovers of good food in Florence.

A Tradition of Taste and Goodness


It is not known exactly when or what year it became a public place for serving food and drink. In the 1800s, first millennium and even the early 1900s, it is said that it was used as a stable for horses, or rather as a shed for gigs, so much so that there is still a hook inside where a pulley was used to pull up the gigs or carts and turn them towards the exit, reattaching them to the horses ready to leave.

What is certain is that in the immediate post-war period of 1945 or thereabouts, the “gottino” was the first bar to serve a gotto of wine (a glass of not very large wine) to people for a break, or after work for relaxation or a meeting with friends for a chat. Predominantly male clientele.

Over time, the manager, Mr Trovati, continued with a wine bar and table service, perhaps with a game of cards; the wine bar sold wine in flasks for families, and a gottino with meetings between friends, especially on holidays and days before holidays, and also served a few pots of bean soup. Mr. Mario Mannucci, former employee and nephew of Mr. Trovati.

In 1952 he took over the business. At the time, there was no obligation to give the place a name, but the character was referred to a lot, e.g. ‘you go to Trovati’s‘ for a gottino.
Mr Mannucci as the new manager also inherited a nickname ‘Trovati‘, so they continued to refer to him by his uncle’s name. For a few years, Mannucci, or rather Trovati, continued with the fiaschetteria mescita and the gottino accompanied by a fettunta with bono oil or pan of pasta and beans also served cold on the day because they were prepared and kept at the counter.

Around 1956-57, Mannucci transformed the restaurant into a trattoria, starting with dry pasta and Tuscan-style stews. The serving of food and drink went on for several years, the management was family-run and Mrs Maria, Mannucci’s wife, was an excellent cook.

In November 1966 Florence was the victim of a flood because the Arno overflowed due to the long, heavy rainfall over several days, the water for the Trovati was clement because since it was located uphill towards the San Giorgio coast it stopped about 5-6 metres from the trattoria, here they continued to serve food and with boats people arrived to take dishes away or ate inside.

In November 1966, Florence and the victim of a flood, the water for the Trovati was clement, as it was located uphill towards the San Giorgio coast, it stopped about 5-6 metres from the trattoria, where people continued to eat and with boats people arrived to take dishes away or ate inside.

It was about 1972 when Mannucci (the Trovati) sold the business.
It was taken over by a coal transport truck driver and great driver because he loved cars, Mr Buggiani Giancarlo, nicknamed ‘Bordino‘. In Florence, someone who was a little crazy in his driving and who made the tyres whistle was called ‘here’s Bordino‘.

Pietro Bordino was a racer on the circuit of Alessandria in the 1930s, called the ‘red devil‘ by the Americans after a race held in the United States of America he died prematurely in an accident caused by a dog crossing his path during training on dirt roads, ended up in a river and drowned.

The management is family-run and his wife and daughter also work there.
Buggiani carries out restoration work, gives it a structural layout that still remains today. And finally, he gives the restaurant its nickname ‘Trattoria Bordino‘.
Mr Mannucci (Trovati), given his strong attachment to the restaurant, also became the owner of the walls and occasionally worked in collaboration with Buggiani.

In the course of time he tried out different types of work, including higher quality and cost, working only in the evenings at dinner, but typical trattoria was the one that went best.

In 1986 he set up with a fixed-price menu for lunch and a small menu of dishes to choose from for dinner in the evenings, but towards the end of the year he decided to sell the business after the loss of a son a few years earlier at only 13 years of age in a go-kart accident. He was also a keen driver and he strongly missed his son in the trattoria where he had seen him grow up.

A New Beginning

March 1987, “La Trattoria Bordino srl
took over formed by Caprarella, Madeo, Zianni, Maggio

Four friends who had combined their experiences in the past and worked together in previous years.

The same working system is maintained, with a fixed-price menu at lunchtime and a wider menu to choose from for dinner. At lunchtime, it is always frequented by artisans, goldsmiths from Ponte Vecchio, merchants from the various shops and people passing through Florence.

It should be noted that Mr. Mannucci (Trovati) is still present and ready to collaborate, he is hired for about a year but given his advanced age one day he bitterly says goodbye and leaves in tears.

Obviously the management goes on with great harmony and success. At the end of 1998, one of the Caprarella partners created a new company and left Bordino S.r.l..
The three remaining partners Madeo, Zianni and Maggio, with the help of some employees, carry on, and today the company still exists and operates.

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