Bordino’s History


Is a historical restaurant that is more than seventy years old, and perhaps existed even before the year 1945 in Via Stracciatella a small road alongside the ancient wall of Costa San Giorgio in a building built in 1400 which luckily was not bombed in the area surrounding the Ponte Vecchio by the Germans in the second world war.

We do not know exactly when or in which year it became a trattoria as
it was not necessary to give a name to the restaurant as it took the name of the owner for example one said:  “lets go to Trovati” for a shot.
Mr. Mannucci the new owner inherited the nickname “Trovati” which continues to be used by him but was the name of his uncle.
For several years Mannucci or better still Trovati continued as a wine-shop and the shot was accompanied by a piece of unleavened bread and good oil or a dish of pasta and beans that was sometimes cold in the daytime because it was prepared and kept on the shelf.

In 1956-57 approximately Mannucci transformed the wine-shop into a trattoria starting with dried pasta and Tuscan spezzatini.   The sale of food and drinks continued for several years and is run by the family, whilst Maria Mannucci’s wife is an excellent cook.
In november of 1966 Florence was flooded by the Arno river due to the long and heavy rains which lasted several days but luckily the water did not arrive at Trovati as it is situated on a slope leading to Costa San Giorgio and the water stopped 5-6 metres from the trattoria
where they continued to cook whilst people arrived in boats to buy food to take away or dined in the trattoria.
In 1972 approximately Mannucci (Trovati) sold the activity.   It was taken over by a lorry driver for coal who was a great racing driver and as he liked cars so much Mr. Buggiani Giancarlo
nicknamed him “Bordino”.   In Florence people say “here is Bordino” when someone drives crazily and makes the tyres screach.   Pietro Bordino was a driver in the 30’s at the Alessandria circuit called the red devil named by the Americans after a race that took place in the USA as he died prematurely in an accident caused by a dog that crossed the road whilst practicing on unmade roads and ended up drowning in a river.   The wife and daughter work in the family business. Buggiani carries out restoration work for the structure which remains today. and finally gives a name to the wine-bar “trattoria Bordino” being his nickname.
Mr. Mannucci (Trovati) being very attached to the wine-bar also became the owner of the walls and occasionally worked with Buggiani and tried diverse types of work also concerning the superior quality and cost only working at night for dinner but the typical trattoria is more successful.

In 1986 he introduces a menu with fixed prices for lunch and a small menu alla carte
for dishes at night for dinner.   However towards the end of the year he decides to hand over the business after the loss of a son of 13 years old a few years earlier in an accident with a go kart as he loved driving, as he feels the loss of the son in the trattoria where he watched him grow up.   In March 1987 the trattoria becomes “The Trattoria Bordino srl” set up by
Caprarella, Madeo, Zianni,  and Maggio four friends who joined together their own experiences
of the past and worked together in the former years.   The same system of work is maintained with a menu with fixed prices at lunch and menu alla carte for more dishes at dinner. Lunch is frequented by artisans, goldsmiths from the Ponte Vecchio and retailers from the various shops and passers by in Florence.   One should point out that Mr. Mannucci
(Trovati) is still present and prepared to collaborate, is engaged for about one year but due to his age one day he sadly says goodbye and leaves in tears.   Obviously the business continues with great harmony and success accordingly.   At the end of 1998 one of the partners Caprarella creates a new society and leaves La Bordino S.r.l.   The three remaining partners Madeo, Zianni and Maggio with the help of a few employees keep going so today the society still exists and continues to work.